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So Jeong Boo is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with So Jeong Boo and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the.. Boo So-Jeong. Fame & Address. SIGNATURE. DEBUT. FAMOUS FROM/AS. Seventeen (Group) Education, Net Worth & More. NET WORTH. $2.5 Million . More Information. About Seungkwan. Seungkwan real name is Boo Seung Kwan. He is also famous from other names as Mr. Mic, MC Boo, DJ Boo. He was born on January. Seungkwan's sister, Boo Jin Seol, shined through on the show with an older girl crush image. Looking at Boo Jin Seol's social media, it's easy to find the occasional picture of her with her.

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shout out to my mentors boo seungkwan and lily this is my first video and i made it on powerpoint (literally to have a compilation of my favourite recent boo moments) so pls be kind titlescreen. It isn't so bad, though, when pretty blonde boy with the world's most stunning smile decides to come and play every day for his patients, and he gets to hear pretty music as he goes about his day. Boo Seungkwan/Yoon Jeonghan (14) Boo Seungkwan/Chwe Hansol | Vernon (5) Boo Seungkwan/Lee.

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SH*T Seventeen's Boo Seungkwan Says So initally I was planning to make this a Sh*t Seventeen says but then I realised that like 80% would be Seungkwan so I decided to make a video. i love seeing him eat so well chow down my boyyyyy id want to go on a date and just fed him i love him so much Boo Seungkwan Seventeen seungkwan cute svt stuff svtcreations mine going seventeen. 869 notes jeong-hanie . Follow. Unfollow.

Seungkwan's sister Boo So Jung performs with her partner K.Will on the show, but before their performance, host Sung Si Kyung asks her if she's talked to her brother. I did, she says SeungKwan, also known as MC Boo or DJ Boo, is quite off-the-wall saying that what he wants the most is battery for his mobile phone. He is a softhearted boy, crying more than Chan when meeting Chan's father and a very cheerful boy, too, laughing at Seokmin, who just woke up, so much that he fell off hansol writes seungkwan a letter and recalls their best, and worst, moments together because seungkwan is the spring to his winter. - based off of spring day by bts. Serie best of boo seungkwan ♡ happy birthday, precious boo! thank you for always being able to show the best sides of seventeen. your vocal abilities and sheer enthusiasm are so admirable and seventeen wouldn't be the same without you. you're sweet, kind, funny, outgoing and so incredibly talented; thank you for sharing that with us. we love you so much Read boo seungkwan korean from the story asian faceclaims closed by kpopsux (sav&lee) with 5,935 reads. poc, face, peopleofcolor. jeong inseong korean angelababy chinese yang yang chinese jeon so-min korean park je-up korean ° myoui mina ° jang yi-jeong

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Seungkwan Is A Member Of . Seventeen. 21 Year Olds. Pop Singers. Capricorns. Seungkwan Fans Also Viewed . Shawn Mendes. Pop Singer. Baby Ariel. Pop Singer. Maverick Baker. Pop Singer. Camila Cabello. Pop Singer. Pop Singer Trivia Games . More January 16 Birthdays. Ruby Rube 1:00 am - boo seungkwan. Originally posted by lunarjun. seungkwan x reader; fluff; word count: 668 plot: you may be grounded, but that won't stop you from sneaking out to see seungkwan. okay so this is my first scenario on this account if you can even call this a scenario Which doesn't even make any sense. They all like dicks so what makes them special? He was about to go to his class when someone caught his eye. Ahh Kyungsoo, the love of his life. The only heaven in this hell. The reason why he still look forward to going to school. Why are you so beautiful today? Why do you keep on enchanting me everyday

MY FIRST ERRAND AU . EPISODE 4: BABY JUN (Good morning, I have no time to sleep for work now uwu) SIKE! BET YOU THOUGHT JUN WILL PASS HUH? anyway I made the font size bigger and bolder, I hope you can read it now uw This section lists people with the surname Boo.If an internal link intending to refer to a specific person led you to this page, you may wish to change that link by adding the person's given name(s) to the link

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I've recently been getting more into watching King of Mask Singer again so I decided it's time for me to list some of my favorite stages I saw on the show. First of all, I have to confess that I mostly watch episodes with people I like after I know who the people behind the masks are Boo Seungkwan (부승관) is the Main Vocalist and Face of the Boy Group Seventeen under Pledis Entertainment. He is also a member of the Vocal unit and Booseoksoon sub-unit. Aside from his Vocal Prowess, Seungkwan is also known for his funny and cheerful personality which always brings up the mood BOO SEUNGKWAN IS SO FLUFFY, SUCH A BALL OF HAPPINESS AND CUTENESS SINCE 1998. 17 CARROT. home message credit. BOO SEUNGKWAN IS SO FLUFFY, SUCH A BALL OF HAPPINESS AND CUTENESS SINCE 1998. Posted 2 years ago with 1,174 notes. 17caratamino liked thi

[21-03-2018] 1st Digital Single - Just Do It 1. Just Do It (거침없이) -> Co-Lyrics: WOOZI, HOSHI, DOKYEOM, SEUNGKWAN, Co-Composer: WOOZ ☆ seungkwan's ideal type *a/n: I'm deciding to take a new approach to the ideal types that we do, we're now doing them on what we think their ideal types is now. Thus you are allowed to re-ask about ideal types that has already been posted from before this one. And i'm aware my edit above looks like crap pls don't hurt me Apparently, 1995 was a good year for beautiful idols as fans have pointed out that so many of K-Pop's top visuals today were born that year! Here's 12 idols who prove the '95 liners are some of K-Pop's most handsome: 1. BTOB's Sungjae 2. WANNA ONE's Sungwoo 3. BTS's V 4. SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan 5. WANNA [ Jeong Han ♡♡ Jeonghan Seventeen Jeonghan Seventeen, Wonwoo, Woozi, Boo Seungkwan, November, Day6, Kpop Boy, Angel, Hong Jisoo. Mochi. Seventeen. Jeonghan Seventeen Pledis Entertainment Mingyu Woozi Jacket Dawn Wen Junhui Seventeen Debut Boo Seungkwan. Jeonghan - You Made My Dawn Jacket.

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  1. - Hansol, Seungkwan & Jisoo think he's the funniest member. - He became a trainee in 2012. - His favorite food is Doenjang Jiggae (which is a Korean soybean paste stew dish) - He says he likes to spend his time cheerfully so he likes to make others feel energetic but sometimes it can get out of control so he needs to have more self.
  2. The closet was tiny inside - crammed with clothes, suitcases, and shoes. You and Seungkwan barely had any room, and you were pressed so tightly against each other, you could feel his breath against your neck. If Dino and Vernon find us, You quietly began. Seungkwan turned to shush you, but faltered when he realized just how close you two.
  3. (19) boo seungkwan - Tìm kiếm Twitter. Visit. boo seungkwan. March 2019 (19) boo seungkwan - Tìm kiếm Twitter. Boo Seungkwan Boyfriend Material Seventeen Memes Seventeen Debut Woozi Jeonghan Vernon Chwe Hip Hop Vernon Seventeen. More information. Saved by-peachypark-240. Similar ideas.
  4. : What are you reading? Vernon: A book of things I love. Seok
  5. SEUNGKWAN UNIVERSE ‏ @BOO_UNIVERSE 5h 5 hours ago. s older sister's husband's younger sibling's restaurant. hoshi wasn't sure how to describe this relationship so seungkwan said it was a unique connection #SEVENTEEN #.
  6. d and now on a wall. You pointed it out with a smile, saying how much time it must have taken, especially with how cold it had been these past few days

I'm tinier than you Boo Seungkwan! and who knew that ball of hyper energy lived down the street from you? you went for a bike ride with your parents ; and there he was following his mom bringing in the groceries Y/n?!?!? Boo Seungkwan? many afternoons were spent reading picture books together or riding bike Seungkwan: [about Jihoon] So he told me, How fucking dare you? You're such an evil bitch. How spiteful and jealous are you? How fucking dare you, Seungkwan. You crossed a major line with me. That shit is not okay, you dumb, evil little fucking troll hi!! i honestly appreciate this so much. i haven't been online much due to the fact that i'm in my second semester of college and i have a harder course load than i did last semester. i still try to post occasionally but it's very hard to find time. i'm still avidly supportive seventeen and absolutely hyped for their comeback! if you ever want to reach me you can usually see my current. this one is ok. Just a collect of the edits i made. thanks to @.HwangHyunGi for the idea. feel free to request an edi tswoondere: Favorite Seungkwan Moments in 2018 Happy 22 nd Birthday to our cutest and most talented Seungkwannie~ I really thought it wasn't possible, but I think I've loved you more this year. You constantly bring smiles to our faces with your natural charisma. You simply are the best person in this world

seventeen: a wholesome group with good ethics, manners, and respect. Source: hanwooz. 9,229 notes Jan 4th, 201 Boo Soon-hee (born 15 July 1967) is a South Korean sport shooter who competed in the 1988 Summer Olympics , in the 1996 Summer Olympics , and in the 2000 Summer Olympics . Personal life Boo was raised in Jeju Province . She married office worker Choe Jae-seok in October 1992. The couple have one son, born in 1995 #fffff Where Boo Seungkwan stuck in between Hip Hop Unit. Twin of Yoon Jeonghan Characters Jeonghan(Seventeen) as Yoon Jeong Han You as Yoon Eunbyul Rest of Seventen as Seventeen. With 2 chapters, 1807 words. Jeonghan has a twin. Moreover it's a girl. Yoon Eunbyul is the twin of Yoon Jeonghan who. Taiga and I have taken out everyone apart from Jun, Wonwoo, Hoshi, The8, Seungkwan and Woozi, it is now my turn again and I'm going up against the sassy diva boo himself Seungkwan. Ok let's see who is the sexiest. Jeong Hyeong Don calls out as AOA Miniskirt starts to play, Sexy isn't a shape it's an attitude

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Welcome to PLEDIS17. This blog is dedicated to Pledis Entertainment's boy group, Seventeen! Here you'll find the latest news, photos, videos and everything related to the boys My Boo Seungkwan is my bias but plz talk to me about our glorious and precious Wen Junhui. kangpils: this is what happens when you try to compliment wonwoo. Baby Boo wallpaper for fellow Boo stans plus a bonus heart gif~ ( ´ ` )* ゚* Enjoy~ (Thank you so much evergreen for the photos!). Posted 6:25pm Wed 4th Nov 2015 with 378 notes Tags: seungkwan seungkwan gif seungkwan edit boo seungkwan booseungkwan seventeen seungkwan heart seungkwan wallpaper kpop seungkwan photo baby boo edit

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  1. please stop making jokes about seungkwan's weight because one it doesn't feel good being made fun of and two he is so skinny to me everytime i see his arms i get so worried because i know he is trying to lose more weight but he doesn't need to okay thank you that is all. seungkwan boo.
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  3. e t h e r e a l; they look so fetusly squishy demn there goes my heart going uwu. HellaciousAve. tdwc. Seventeen One Fine Day, Seventeen Pretty U, Me Gustas, Boo Seungkwan, Woozi, Wonwoo, Jeonghan, Blind, Trust Issues. xenia
  4. i can always count on seungkwan to get laughs out of me when i watch seventeen videos. you should watch english time with seventeen it's really funny. :joy: well i admit he's not the handsomest member in seventeen (not that i care) but he can always make the members laugh and always make the mood lighten up
  5. if your alarm clock isn't waking you up, boo seungkwan will; I was in a really depressed state for a while and Seventeen, specifically Seungkwan, really brought me out of it with their humour and positivity and the immeasurable love they have for their fans so I hope Seungkwan has had.

1. On the Customize screen turn off the Use default mobile theme option under Advanced Options. 2. Remove the stash logo from your website by getting a Full License.. 3 Characters Boo Seungkwan, Chwe Hansol, Lee Seokmin, Kwon Hoshi, Choi The progress of Seungkwan and Vernon's relationship where Seungkwan is a typical theater nerd while Vernon belongs to the basket ball team. Fluff! and fluff! and fluff! Seun. svt · junctions. By shiarugh Updated Apr 23.

boo seungkwan replied to my comment on v live i can't bRE ATHE, also the live was so random but he stayed on for almost an hour omg, he feeds carats so well!! iconic moment of the live: seungkwan.. The meaning behind his real name is that Boo means 'adult', Seung means 'success and 'Kwan' means generous. He wants to be a generous successor. He tries hard to be generous and loves giving energy to other people. Since his first year of elementary school, he participated in Childrens' Song Festivals which were held in school Love Boo Seungkwan. rss; archive; bettsplendens: dallasrecklessandrelentless: That fuckin smile at the end. To the worried person in the comments: No, a hummingbird's heart will not stop if it stops moving. You're possibly thinking of Spoink, which is a Pokemon that supposedly powers its. He wore a brown coat and white t-shirt and stood next to a metal pole near the doors. No wonder it had been so hard to get inside just now. He was, after all, Boo Seungkwan: variety star, top-class reality show host, prime-time radio DJ, and main vocalist of famous boy-group Seventeen. You disliked him instantly

here, you will find #1119 plain gif icons of boo seungkwan, a korean member of seventeen. these gifs are split into two parts, 556 in the first part, and 563 in the second.part one of these gif icons were up for download on seventeenrph but never posted on a page. none of these gifs belong to me, i only cropped and sharpened them. if you see your gif and would like it removed, send me a. boo seungkwan seungkwan seventeen svt gif kpop this is my new header thought Id post it as well idk prob looks like shit cause I don't really know how to make gifs oh well he's always cute so Idc ill probs delete it if looks to shit whatever!

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They pulled apart, dazed and confused you hadn't noticed it was Prince Seungkwan. Thank You, really Princesses. His hot breath fanned your face, you couldn't find it within yourself to answer, so instead you resorted to nodding dumbly. He smiled gently. A second later his lips latched themselves to yours again Angelique Boo-Kwonchoileexukim is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Angelique Boo-Kwonchoileexukim and others you may know. Kyungsoo, Chanyeol,Tao, and Baekhyun are my bias in EXO.Woozi,S.Coups,Hoshi,Minghao,Seungkwan, and Mingyu are my bias in Seventeen.Wonho and Hyungwon are my. cheolshu:. Happy birthday to our ever so precious tangerine bo-o-o-oy from Jeju, Boo Seungkwan #부승관_생일축하하겠어_어_어_어 #BOO_MAKE_MY_DA About ♡ Gifs Phat Seungkwan enthusiast úwú. Hello! I'm here to say I did fall out of the kpop scene recently but honestly this comeback reminded me of how much I love svt and I'll try to become more active again~ I missed seventeen and seungkwan but ya girl is a full time student!!


  1. Boo Seungkwan is my religion. 1 of 12 next. honeelem0n: Who else is in love with Lee Ahn? ‍♀️ This is just a practice but I worked too hard on it so it must be posted 酪.
  2. the voice that you heard out over everyones was the one in your head that you loved so much: Seungkwan; you were so shocked that your soulmate, the one you had joked about being a singer with, was ACTUALLY A SINGER way to go reader; you knew you had to keep this on the down low from him, knowing he might get nervous if you knew who he really wa
  3. and Xu Minghao can F U C K M E U
  4. seungkwan copying mark's you do part in the 7th Sense mv. 3 years ago with 69 notes. Tagged as: seungkwan nct u mark bc i fangirled so hard when boo did this now i know he/they watched nct u's mv seventeen nct u the 7th sense love them both Reblog this pos

See more seventeen jeonghan GIF! Create and share your own seventeen jeonghan GIFs, with Gfycat. See more seventeen jeonghan GIFs! Woozi a bit obviously distracted by jeong han's hair.NOT MY # 17# 17 pledis# boo seungkwan# choi hansol# gifs# hansol# hansol choi# hansol seventeen# hansol. Boo Seungkwan's Infamous Tsunami Skit. home inbox submit archive inbox submit archiv A talented person with immense vocal capabilities. He's know for his humour and amazing mc-ing skills. Truly the mood maker of Seventeen BOO's Tangerine Market — Seungkwan | Tangerine Farm AU. Jan 12, 19 / 267 / seungkwan, boo seungkwan, seventeen, caratgfx, pls show up in the tags thank u, if it doesnt show up again...so god help me, mine:gfx, brandau

Heyy!! I absolutely love your blog like I'm scrolling through and it's just the best..I was wondering if you could do a Seungkwan one where he's taking care of you when your sick? Tysm Author's Note: YAY my first scenario for Seungkwan c: I'm so excited to write this, I hope that you enjoy it my love and that it makes you happy~ xoxo Sar [sourire boo☻] | seungkwan & wonwoo. seventeen was kicked out of the billboard top social 50 chart when it was going to be their 100th week on it

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847 Likes, 3 Comments - Nyum | 190123 (@nyumyumsuga) on Instagram: [Twiceteen] Seungkwan & Jihyo Annyeong Boo ☆ ☆ ☆ #nyumtwiceteen #twice #ImNayeo Download Lagu [Mini Album] SF9 - 3rd Mini Album `Knights of the Sun` MP3 SF9 - SF9 3rd Mini Album `Knights of the Sun` Release Date:.

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BOO SEUNGKWAN YOU ABSOLUTE SAVAGE. BOO SEUNGKWAN YOU ABSOLUTE SAVAGE. hello! please don't repost my gifs, give me credit if you're reposting on a platform other than tumblr ^^ DOKYEOM, BOOSEOK, omfg i dont even know if that was scripted seokmin looks so shocked, concert dvd: disc 1, gif,. moon + boo seungkwan warnings: slight implication of depression word count: 732 Blankly staring in space, you ignored your phone constantly blinking at your bed. You've been having your episodes.. A/N: aHA i haven't forgotten about these, i gotchu fam. also i love boo sm pls love and appreciate this boy he's so precious ?? i don't see many fics and stuff for him :'( Posted: 1 year ago on September 12, 2017 at 12:17 Notes: 55 Tags #seungkwan #seventeen #svt scenarios #svt fluff #svt fanfic #seungkwan fluff #seungkwan scenarios #boo seungkwan #mornings w svt #s: mornings w svt #my. The meaning behind his real name is that Jeong means clean and Han means Country. It has the meaning that he will be like a clean milky way. so he hopes he can be like that and be helpful to the vocal team. Seungkwan (승관) Real Name: Boo Seung Kwan (부승관) Nickname: Mr. Mic, MC. seventeen ⍈ seungkwan lq layouts:P give a ♥︎!!! or seventeen ⍈ seungkwan lq layouts:P give a ♥︎!!! or seventeen boo seungkwan seungkwan svt layouts svt icons svt seungkwan seungkwan packs seungkwan layouts bts jungkook jeong jungkook jungkook layouts jungkook icons.

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Vernon accidentally archived his Instagram announcement post so he reuploaded it with the caption didn't know what archive would do then figured out a minute later how to recover the original and added the caption ha then deleted the reuploa director boo seungkwan Wednesday, May 8th 2019. reblog. like. kangpils. sensible student hoshi~ ♡ tags: why is he so precious hoshi soonyoung kwon soonyoung seventeen. Wednesday, May 8th 2019. reblog. like. withjunhui. accurate depiction of carats crying over svt. EXO's Chen picks SEVENTEEN's Boo Seungkwan as the No.1 Idol Vocalist! kristian-do: (rough trans.) Chen picks Boo Seungkwan as the first place in idol vocals. He was really impressed when he saw Seungkwan singing Wi-fi on Radio star. Full article HERE

Jeonghan Seventeen, Wen Junhui, Boo Seungkwan, Woozi, Mingyu, Joshua Hong, Hong Jisoo, Seventeen Debut, Pledis Entertainment. Mia Jasmin SEVENTEEN. I miss it so badly. 21 Years Old Year Old Hoshi Hip Hop Mingyu Jeonghan Seventeen Vernon Hansol Hong Jisoo Wen Junhui seungkwa:. A sappy edit of seungkwan's unique voice that makes my heart go: , when i hear him. Part Verkwan is a pairing name for Vernon (Choi Hansol) and Seungkwan (Boo Seungkwan) of the K-Pop group Seventeen.. Fanworks. Verkwan at AO3; Apple Initials and Thumbprint Soulmates- Soulmate au.On your sixteenth birthday you get the thumbprint of your soulmate on the first place they will touch you if you want to see just my work then click here! i will be making a 'gfx maker' rec soon so look out for happy boo day ! happy birthday to svt's variety king, seungkwan ♡ seventeen svtcreations HAPPYBOODAY 승관이_생일_놓치지_않을거예요 seungkwan boo seungkwan seventeen. pretty in pink~ status i'm currently going to school in the morning and working all night so my blog is a little slow T^

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pxhttp YALL HOES BETTER FUCKING APPRECIATE THIS ALOT ISTG cvddlysvt @pxhttp wow ily bleu. rxstlss i love how almost all ur posts are birthday edit Boo Boo. I like you I like you 뿌뿌 뿌뿌. kristian-do: seungkwan is popular in a country called JEJU-DO. Jun 07, 2017. They look so cute ( ;´Д`) even from behind. solboo vernon Seungkwan seventeen pink goals verkwan. Jun 07, 2017. Does this prove Solboo? lol

And so, the only choice left was Boo Seungkwan, this boy with red hair and ridiculous jokes that made you laugh at its own stupidity. And, really, he wasn't even all that great at english, which was the main reason you'd forgiven him the first two times he spelled your name wrong on a project together Boo + visual ☁️Areej☁️ support my bff boo seungkwan .24.24PM 229 notes reblog. #thank u lord buddha satan spaghetti whoever for this man #seungkwan #gif. wonnhao: why is jeonghan so cute . 02.02.23PM 956 notes reblog. #white haired s.coups.

#let my innocent boy live #protect at all costs #seventeen #scoups #choi seungcheol #jeonghan #yoon jeonghan #joshua #hong jisoo #jun #wen junhui #hoshi #kwon soonyoung #wonwoo #jeon wonwoo #woozi #lee jihoon #dk #dokyeom #lee seokmin #mingyu #kim mingyu #the8 #xu minghao #seungkwan #boo seungkwan #vernon #choi hansol #dino #lee cha to the one with the gentle voice: i wish you the happiest of birthdays joshua! i really hope that this new year in your life brings you wonderful things and that we can keep seing the amazing and so damn funny person that is under the gentleman persona. don't be afraid to show other parts of yourself, because you truly are so so so great and. i'm a fool for fandoms. xxdexxweird:. see, you don't know, how much i love you, right?

Seungkwan in a Nutshell. surprise !!! I've missed you guys a bunch a bunch. Now that my fall break is coming up and I've gotten a hold on my college schedule, I think I'll be starting to post a bit more Boo Seungkwan. He wants to know everything, so he can act smug and like some almighty being to the other members. Expect him to see something that looks remotely like Danish and go: Y/N?? What does this mean?? From the other side of the room. Or building A network for Jeju's lovable person, Boo Seungkwan. Here we can all flock and share how much joy our No. 1 Aegyo Hater brings us

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Pos tentang Boo Seungkwan yang ditulis oleh tyav [hiatus // i am so sorry everyone but school is taking all my time and energy] This is a bog dedicated to our precious angel, entertainer and main vocalist ; Boo Seungkwan ! Have a boovely time on here important announcement!! this is directed to all my look blogs!! sorry i kinda went on a long hiatus without letting y'all know, i barely had any time to be active on here but starting tonight ill be posting as much as a can for ALL my look blogs This Pin was discovered by cc032170. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest seventeen scenarios seventeen imagines seungkwan scenarios seungkwan imagines seventeen seungkwan drabble game ask anon i can't imagine boo in a frat so i put him in a secret society my college had lots of them they were all full of influential people lol who did a lot of good for the community i imagine svt to be an arts related one? i want to.

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@b00-seungkwan >100% not funny, 100% not talented, but 100% seventeen, exo, got7, bts, twice, monsta x trash ask jun how many selfies he's taken so far on tour. ask minghao if he's learned any new dance move. be motivational, encouraging and kind. BOO SEUNGKWAN I said Boo Seungkwan is just amazing. She staryed crying and ranting. Now this is happening. boo seungkwan is amazing svt I really want boo to see this because he needs to see how loved he is this just happened on our way home seventeen makes me smile and apparently boo seungkwan makes her cr seungkwan boo seungkwan seventeen svtcreations im a boo acc now i wanted to gif soonie but i couldnt think of anything but i watched this nd boo looked so soft i felt compelled to gif him anywho i kno these arent the best but i cant b bother to use topaz anymore lol i was going thru my archive blog nd i realized how inconsistent my gifs r.

See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wann Seungkwan: I'm singleyou're singleyou know what that means. incorrect quotes svt svt incorrect quotes incorrect svt incorrect svt quotes vernon hansol vernon chwe chwe hansol chwe vernon seungkwan boo seungkwan Taeyong: Okay, so if someone knocks on the door what do you do. He was only a little bit taller than Seungkwan, but might have been younger, but not by much. He wore a tailored, blood red suit, with his black hair neatly toussled. Thank you Mr- Seungkwan paused, not knowing if he should call him Mr. Chwe or not. Hansol, my name is Hansol, but my friends call me Vernon. And you are? Boo Seungkwan Protect Baby Boo Seungkwan. vanityeols: I'm so worried about him, no joke. Seungkwan is getting skinnier and skinnier. It's crazy how many weight he lost in less than a month and it breaks my heart. His chubby cheeks are gone, his legs and arms are so thin now. I hope he's not skipping any meals, he is perfect the way he is and he never. so I looked at the casting call that was going round and noticed it said the girls chosen will be in a vingette piece with each of the members. i had no idea what that meant so i googled it, and the definition for vingette is a small/brief episode/image. which just makes me think of break-up songs and music videos He is so obvious it hurts. There. Now we can talk all the time! You smiled and hugged Seungkwan, feeling his arms wrap around you. When you pulled away, you got a glimpse of his beet red face before he turned back to the computer, stuttering about how he would friend request you on the program